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csi - As of right now the way that I protect my computer is...

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As of right now the way that I protect my computer is by using McAfee Security Center. I also change my passwords all the time so that no one has them that should not have them. I am always changing my bank password. The reason I do that is I don’t want anyone to go in there and just take money from me. I also make sure that if someone tries it they would have to know question about my husband and me to be able to even try to put my password in. My wireless internet is security which means if you don’t know are password you can’t get in to it. Some of the security measures that are available to us are firewall and anti- virus protection. If you don’t have at least two of them you might want to think of not using the internet. You are only going to end up with problems with your computer. Some of those problems are Trojans, viruses, worms, and backdoors. I know that I don’t want those kinds of problems with my computer.
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