Flying Cars - Flying Cars Allyce Beechy CIS/105 Deborah...

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Flying Cars Allyce Beechy CIS/105 Deborah Silverman
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When deciding on a technology to write about either future or new I tried to think what was something I always wanted to see. I found something that really interested me and really sparked my imagination. Something that would transform the world as we know it would make everything more convenient. But, I also consider that we live way too convenient today too while many people in the world our dying from starvation and have nowhere to live. If we knew how good we have it today in the United States and most countries we would be praising God every day to be in the situation we are in. The truth is that our worst circumstances today our nothing to most people. I do have a future technology that has sparked my interest but it is only that. I would not want them to waste and spend more money on things we do not need. Lets get everyone in the world healthy and save people’s lives with our money, snatching their lives from death. Instead of indulging as much as we do in things we don’t need. The things we do need food, water, clothing, relationships, etc. Things that our needed to maintain life. We do not need all these new technologies unless they are going to be saving people lives, we humans live very self- centered lives and need to make the world a place where we can all pursuit happiness and help anyone with their burdens. I care deeply for those struggling, we need to not waste extra money on things we don’t need like going out to restaurants, getting our hair dyed, getting brand new cars, huge houses, building huge churches, spending outrageous money on anything while millions of people are dying. We have to care about them and that can only come from a right heart. So I on to the subject at hand know many things are not needed and hurt many people throughout the world with our wasteful spending on things like new technologies. Our certain ones beneficial yes, but many are not needed and like I said killing people because of the
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Flying Cars - Flying Cars Allyce Beechy CIS/105 Deborah...

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