The topic that I chose was USB flash drive the same example you posted

The topic that I chose was USB flash drive the same example you posted

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The topic that I chose was USB flash drive the same example you posted. The search engines that I used for the topic was,, and The advanced search engine has where you can narrow it down with the whole sentences or words to only one of the words or even none of the words. You can change the languages, pick a certain country or region, you can even change to modify from the time of today to even 2 years ago. There are many other options to enjoy from each search engine. Google has a section for images, videos kind of like Youtube, maps like map quest, your own mail account, news, and shopping account, photos, calendars. Yahoo has a section where you can look for jobs, where you can get help asking questions and those questions answered, there is a section to look up used and new cars, games,
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Unformatted text preview: music and movies. only has something where you can get deals. Yahoo was just loaded with so much to do with the job finder, answers section and all. the games. Google has probably the best search engine and it has enough to keep me interested with the videos. does not have much at all and its search engine is o.k. I found yahoo to be the best because the search engine was fast and brought up the best information first. There was so much to do on it, it could keep me busy all day. The use of Booleans did affect it by dropping the amount of sites because just that one extra word made the search engine look up something trying to relate to the Boolean and not just focus on the original word by itself. CIS 105...
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