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Classroom Management - 1 Classroom Management Allyce Beechy...

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1 Classroom Management Allyce Beechy AED/200 February 04, 2010 Deb Kneser
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In the classroom I think that all the children should learn how organization. The way I would go about teaching them that would be to make sure they put all of their stuff back where it goes. Another thing I would have them do is for every subject that they have they will need a separate folder and notebook. Others ways for them to be organized to make sure they write down all of their homework that way they know what they have and when it is due. When a child is well organized they are more like to know where their stuff is and what they have to do for homework and also when it is due by. The way that I would go about motivation would be to also tell them that whatever it is you can do it there is no such thing as I can’t do this. I would also tell them you are doing a great job keep up the good work. Some other things I would do are ever student would have a chart which they would put
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