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technology in education project - Technology in Education...

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Technology in Education Project Allyce Beechy AED/200 February 21, 2010 Deb Kneser One of the new technology tools that I used and have used for a long time is the internet. It is not new but is something I use all the time. The internet can be used for many things and probably is
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one of the most popular usages up there with television, computer, and cell phones in the world today. With the internet we have been able to expand on the huge wealth of knowledge in the world from books, CD’s, movies, music, sermons, economy, finances through banks and companies, paying online bills, filling out job applications, dictionaries, learning basically about anything that we have known through the beginning of time up until now. The internet is used by almost every business and jobs in the world, schools, and almost every person you can think of. You don’t have to go to the library to get books, rent a movie at the video store, or listen to the radio to find out any important news because we have it all through the internet. The internet gives you all the information you want right there in your computer, it has revolutionized the way students can go to college like University of Phoenix with its distance learning program and
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technology in education project - Technology in Education...

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