draw_ball - if status(h)==-1 line'r line'r fill(x(2,y(2'b...

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% Expects 8xN x and y point matrices function draw_ball(x,y) %=== For LAB completion==== % Draw the 8 sectors filling them with color (turn hold on after the % first sector and turn hold off after the last sector fill(x(1,:),y(1,:),'r'); hold on
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Unformatted text preview: if status(h)==-1 line( 'r') line( 'r') fill(x(2,:),y(2,:),'b'); fill(x(3,:),y(3,:),'r'); fill(x(4,:),y(4,:),'b'); fill(x(5,:),y(5,:),'r'); fill(x(6,:),y(6,:),'b'); fill(x(7,:),y(7,:),'r'); fill(x(8,:),y(8,:),'b'); hold off end...
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