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% ee150_chemical1.m dt = .01; % calculate concentrations every dt seconds duration = 100; % stop after duration seconds k = [1e6; 1e-4; 1e-1]; % reaction rate constants Y = zeros(4,1); % Initialize the Y-matrix as a 4x1 matrix. The number % of columsn will grow as we calculate the concentrations % over time Y(1,1) = 5e-7; % initial substrate concentration Y(2,1) = 2e-7; % initial enzyme concentration Y for i = 1:(duration/dt) % Modify the following lines to update the concentrations appropriately
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Unformatted text preview: Y(1,i+1) = Y(1,i); Y(2,i+1) = Y(2,i); Y(3,i+1) = Y(3,i); Y(4,i+1) = Y(4,i); Y(:,i+1) % display the current concentrations (by leaving off the ';') end e % Generate time vector - you will need to modify the following line. t = 0; t figure; plot(t,Y(1,:),'r+'); hold on; % Plot the following concentrations on the same figure; plot(t,Y(2,:),'b+'); plot(t,Y(3,:),'g+'); plot(t,Y(4,:),'y+'); p...
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