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ee150_protonbeam_1plot - vy(1,t 1)=vy(1,t dt-w*vx(1,t a...

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function ee150_protonbeam_1plot(v0, B, Ei, dE, Ef) dt=1e-9; duration=10e-6; q=1.6e-19;%C m=(1.67e-27);%Kg l=duration/dt; for E=Ei:dE:Ef vy=zeros(1,l+1); vx=zeros(1,l+1); x=zeros(1,l+1); y=zeros(1,l+1); vx(1,1)=v0; w=(B*q)/m; a=(E*q)/m; for t=1:l vx(1,t+1)=vx(1,t)+dt*(w*vy(1,t));
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Unformatted text preview: vy(1,t+1)=vy(1,t)+dt*(-w*vx(1,t)+a); x(1,t+1)=x(1,t)+vx(1,t)*dt; y(1,t+1)=y(1,t)+vy(1,t)*dt; end if y==0; figure; plot(x,y,'r');title(num2str(E));xlabel('X-Pos(m)');ylabel('Y-Pos(m)'); axis([-0.2 0.2 -0.1 0.1]); end end...
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