TOSS - BC=a(b*c%computes the binomial coefficient P=BC(2^n...

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%Probability distribution for a fair coin,Binomial Coefficients n=input('enter number of tosses:'); k=0:n;% the coin is tossed n times N=n*ones(1,n+1);% vectorizes n so we can do calculations a=factorial(N);% computes the factorial of each term in the vector N b=factorial(k);% computes the factorial of each term in the vector k c=factorial(N-k);%subtracts each elt of k from the corresponding elt of N and computes the factorial of each term in the new vector
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Unformatted text preview: BC=a./(b.*c);%computes the binomial coefficient P=BC/(2^n);% computes the probability of k heads in n tosses S=sum(P);%sums the probability disp([k' P']);%displays the probabilities disp([k' BC']);%displays the binomial coefficients disp(S);%displays the sum of probabilities which should equal one subplot(1,2,1);%these commands plot a graph and a bar graph of the data on the same plot plot(k,P,'r'),grid; subplot(1,2,2); bar(k,P); Type...
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