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systems thinking 7 - Stories of selected successful...

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Stories of selected successful co-operatives in sub-Sahara Africa
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Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative union, Oromia province, Ethiopia Was formed after study tours to different parts of the world by key members of Oromia cooperatives The union is responsible for ensuring certification standards, packaging, marketing and distribution, and farmer development programs 129 coffee co-operative societies representing 128,361 farmers in 2007 Individual cooperatives found it difficult to access international markets The union assisted in getting fair trade and organic certification With the fair trade labelling organisations (FLO) premiums, the co-ops get an extra 10 US cents per kilogram The FLO premiums go directly to the co-ops societies for grassroots social services (clinics, schools, electrification, potable water) Out of 236,482 hectares under cultivation, over 70,000 hectares are organic certified Also, by taking over the marketing and distribution processes, the co-op union has eliminated two to three middlemen. Coffee goes from the farmers’ to the farmers’ cooperatives to the coo-op union and then directly to the markets.
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  • Spring '11
  • vanderMerwe
  • supervisor, Cooperative, co-operative insurance company, Oromia Coffee Farmers, coffee co-operative societies, farmer development programs

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