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QUESTIONS FOR PERFORMANCE ESSAY THAR 281 Pick one of the following and write minimum of 200 words Acting (using “actor” to indicate both male and female performers) Were the actors believable, given the requirements of the play? If they were believable, how did they seem to accomplish this? PICK ONE ACTOR AND GIVE CONCRETE EXAMPLE. Note particular gestures, lines, or moments. (As you discuss this, be sure to separate the performer from the role . For example, you can dislike a character but admire the performance of the actor .) Directing Did there seem to be a unifying idea/concept behind the production? If so, how would you express it? Did all the elements of the production seem to be unified and to fit together seamlessly? How was this reflected, in particular, in the visual elements—PICK ONE EXAMPLE. Scenery What information was conveyed by the scenery about time, place, characters, and situation? How was this information conveyed to you? What was the overall atmosphere of the setting?
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Unformatted text preview: Did any colors dominate? Was the setting a specific place, or was it no recognizable or real locale? Did that choice seem appropriate for the play? Costumes What information was conveyed by the costumes about time, place, characters, and situation? How was this information conveyed to you? What was the period of the costumes? How was color used to give you clues to the personalities of the characters? Did each character’s costume or costumes seem appropriate for his or her personality, social status, occupation, etc.? Why or why not? Characters PICK ONE CHARACTER: what were the major desires, goals, objectives, and motivations of your chosen character? How did these help you understand the meaning of the text? Was the character realistic, symbolic, totally divorced from reality, etc.? Did you identify with this character? If so, describe this character and explain why you identified with him or her....
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