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STUDY GUIDE FOR THAR 281 TEST ONE (CHPT. 10) Theatres of the 18 th Century Background Many Wars o Fought less over religion, more territorial and economic Western Europe Prospered! o Profits from colonial trade o Sudden wealth from daring capital investments o Newly emerging middle class (merchants) Wealthy as well as a social and political force The Enlightenment o So-called because of many developments in learning and philosophy o Centered in France, but international reverberations American and French Revolutions were based on the ideals of the Enlightenment o Search for knowledge supported by the educated middle class Dictionaries and encyclopedias were in great demand o Practical applications Inventions of the 18 th century would facilitate the industrial revolution of the 19 th century Departures from Neoclassicism New plays emerged that defied the genre, deviated from traditional tragedy and comedy “Drame” Denis Diderot, French dramatist Any serious play that did not fit the neoclassical definition of tragedy. Diderot wanted to supplement the rigidly defined genres of tragedy and comedy, a genre that could
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