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BorderProject - nd two conditions Additional Information...

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Foundations of Geometry Math 2023 Border Project Due: Friday, December 10 Project : You are to create your own set of examples of border patterns. If you are a soon- to-be elementary teacher, this border pattern gallery could be useful to illustrate possible borders for your classroom. Conditions : 1) You must have at least one example of each of the seven symmetry types. Accuracy will be graded. 2) You must clearly identify the type for each of your examples. *This can be done either by putting the type on the back of each border or by numbering each border and supplying a key on a separate sheet of paper . 3) Borders must be neatly done. 4) You should be creative with your border designs. Project Points : This project will be worth 18 points . Grading will be based on the conditions stated above. (14 for 1 st two conditions, 4 for 2
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Unformatted text preview: nd two conditions). Additional Information : Some or all of your examples may center around a theme. If you get a border idea from somewhere, be sure to cite your source. (Be sure that the design is created by you and only your ideas from somewhere. Beware of plagiarism.) Possible Methods of Construction : Hand drawing Computer graphics Use of die cuts Cut and paste Stickers (caution: careful with reflections) Any creative way you can think up Grading Rubric Student___________________________________ Grade________/18 Does the student have the following border types (each labeled correctly)? ________/14 mm________ mg ________ m1 ________ 1m________ 1g ________ 12 ________ 11 ________ Are the borders neatly done? ________/ 2 Are the borders creative? ________/ 2...
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