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Final Exam Review for Chapters 17, 18, 19 Fall 2010 Chapter 17 – Symmetries of Mandalas Classify Mandalas Pg 575, 578, 588(ans included) Apply 1- or 2-sided to Mandalas Pg 579 Given a type, create a mandala of that type Pg 591 #3, 4 Chapter 18 – Symmetries of Borders Classify Borders Pg 597, 599, 607(ans included) Given a type, create a border of that type Pg 601 #1, 3 Chapter 19 – Escher-Style Tessellations Identify the Heesch type of a tessellation given 1 piece of it Pg 625 Identify the Heesch type of a tessellation given entire tessellation Pg 625 Other good tools for studying: Study YOUR old exam 1, 2, and 3 from THIS semester. Practice Worksheets found on WebCT in the “Handouts” folder. Review “Geometry Terms”
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Unformatted text preview: Area Handout Perimeter Handout Volume Formulas Surface Area of Prisms and Pyramids Volume of Prisms and Pyramids Measurement Handouts – NonStandard Units Metric System English System Other Measurements and Metric-English Conversions Area and Perimeters of Circles Handout Volume Practice Problems – Cylinders and Cones Four Centers of a Triangle • Old Practice Exams found at the website First, click on "Students". Second, click on "GeoSET Exam Archives". Lastly, select which set of exams you wish to view. • I will only give you formulas that I have given you on the previous exams. If you needed to know it for a previous exam, you will be responsible for knowing it for the final exam....
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