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OtherSystem - Ex 2 Jane is running a 5K race next weekend...

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Math 2023 1 Other Measurements and Conversions Temperature There are two commonly used measurements of temperature: Celsius and Fahrenheit. If you have a temperature in Celsius and you want Fahrenheit, use the formula: F = 1.8C + 32. If you have a temperature in Fahrenheit and you want Celsius, use the formula: 8 . 1 32 = F C Two degree points which are easy to compare are the ______________ point and the ______________ point. Freezing point: ________ or ________ Boiling point: __________ or __________ Ex. 1: Convert each of the following to the given units. a) 72°F to Celsius b) 32°C to Fahrenheit Converting Between the English and Metric Systems
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Unformatted text preview: Ex. 2: Jane is running a 5K race next weekend. About how many miles is this? Ex 3: Kayla is making her own Christmas cards this year. Each card requires 4 inches of ribbon. If she is making 18 cards, how much ribbon does she need in centimeters? Ex. 4: The speed limit on I-35 is 70 mph in most places in Oklahoma. What is this speed in km/h? In km/s? English to Metric Conversions 1 in. = ________ cm 1 mi ≈ 1.609 km 1 oz. ≈ 28.35 g 1 lb ≈ ________ kg 1 fl. oz. ≈ 0.02957 L = 29.57 mL Metric to English Conversions 1 km ≈ _______ mile 1 g ≈ 0.035 oz. 1 kg ≈ _______ lbs....
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