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Math 2023 1 &onstandard Units of Measurement Informal methods of measure, such as ___________, __________, and _______-____________ are sometimes used for measuring. These units are usually imprecise since each can vary from person to person. Activity 1 a) Use the following nonstandard measurement units to measure the indicated item. Measurement Unit Item to Measure Measured Length (rounded to the nearest whole unit) Paper clip Length of a pencil
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Unformatted text preview: Hand width Length of a keyboard Shoe lengths Width of classroom Thumb widths Width of textbook b) Discuss any problems you encountered using these nonstandard measurement units. c) When the item you measured could not be counted in “whole” units, how did you decide whether to round your estimate up or down? d) In what type of situation would nonstandard units be useful or adequate? e) When would more precise units be necessary?...
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