Fallspeechblock2 - Fundamentals of Speech Fall 2010 Block 2...

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Unformatted text preview: Fundamentals of Speech Fall 2010 Block 2 Department of Mass Communication University of Central Oklahoma Syllabus COURSE NUMBER: COMM 1113 Course Reference Number: 13192 Class Time: 9:00am 4:30pm October 16 December 4 Room: 203 Instructor: Dr. Jay McCurry Office Telephone: 974-5120 Departmental Telephone: 974-5303 Departmental Fax: 974-5125 Office Hours: Please schedule an appointment with me in advance if possible. E-mail: jmccurry@uco.edu COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course introduces elements of speech and principles of effective speaking in public. Emphasis is placed on performance and skills in preparing and presenting a public speech. PREREQUISITES: None. COURSE OBJECTIVES/COMPETENCIES: Upon completion of the Fundamentals of Speech course, the learner will demonstrate increased competence in preparing, delivering, and evaluating public speeches responsibly and ethically in a culturally diverse society. Competency will be determined by successful completion of all assignments and by earning at least 70% of the points available in the course. Specific or Enabling Objectives Explore elements of communication and their role in effective communication Analyze the audience and adapt the speech to fit the audience Use appropriate criteria for selecting topics for speeches Recognize and use different types of supporting materials Develop and utilize credible research skills Organize speeches effectively with a well developed introduction, body, and conclusion Demonstrate the elements of effective speech delivery Develop the ability to effectively integrate multimedia to enhance public speaking Evaluate the effectiveness of his/her speaking experiences Develop and build a stronger sense of self-confidence and self-reliance in speaking situations REQUIRED TEXT : Lucus, S.E. (2009). The Art of Public Speaking (10th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill. REQUIRED RESOURCES AND SUPPLIES : Camera Information Will be given in class In lieu of purchasing these items, students may also bring their own personal video camera to record themselves. Regular access to computer and printer E-mail Account, Internet Access, and WebCT: o All students have a UCO e-mail account and must check it on a regular basis for class communication purposes. Student e-mail accounts can be accessed through UCONNECT and WebCT. All class e-mail will be sent using WebCT. 1 o WebCT is available through UCONNECT. To access your courses, click the My Courses Tab, then click the My Courses link in the center column. Your list of courses will be displayed. o All students must use WebCT on a regular basis prior to each class to obtain course updates, materials, assignments, and other information as determined by the instructor. Printing materials such as handouts, study questions, and assignments from WebCT will be necessary....
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Fallspeechblock2 - Fundamentals of Speech Fall 2010 Block 2...

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