acmd fall2011 16014%2c16015%2c wrd syll

acmd fall2011 16014%2c16015%2c wrd syll - UNIVERSITY OF...

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UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMA Department of Humanities and Philosophy General Humanities: Ancient to Medieval HUM 2113 - Fall 2011 Sections: 16014, MWF, 12:00 - 12:50 PM, LA 239 16015, MWF, 2:00 - 2:50 PM, LA 239 INSTRUCTOR - S. Taylor, M.F.A. Humanities Lecturer OFFICE - LA 205D, Hours: TR – 9:45-10: 45 AM, MWF-1:50-1:50 PM Office Phone - 974-5679, email Please reference your class hour/days in messages. . Course description: A study of the major artistic, intellectual and literary accomplishments of Western civilization, which dates from the Ancient to the Medieval period. In essence a “cultural history” survey class designed to both familiarize the student with the basics of our particular civilization and to foster an awareness of the broader human endeavor. The class will consist of lectures and discussions, using audio - visual aids when appropriate Text: Seventh edition of The Western Humanities Volume I and Readings in the Western Humanities , Matthews Platt and Noble. Prerequisites- Eng. 1213 Transformational Learning: The University of Central Oklahoma is a learning-centered organization committed to transformative education through active engagement in the teaching-learning interchange, scholarly and creative pursuits, leadership, global competency, healthy lifestyles, and service to others Outcomes: Global and Cultural competencies will be achieved by examining the multiple different cultures’ achievements and effects on each other across time and geography that have shaped our contemporary culture and continue to influence cross cultural relations at home and across the globe. Scholarly and creative pursuits/ Problem solving will be addressed through an assigned essay based on the attendance at a concert or museum visit using analysis and research of the historical, philosophical, aesthetic and technical elements that have resulted in specific examples of music, literature and the arts. Learning Objectives: Students should be able to: identify significant cultural achievements particular to different time periods and areas of the world. analyze and discuss the connections between the cultural arts and values of the past to each other and the present. Course requirements : Students are expected to read and write at a sophomore level. Attendance: Perfect attendance is worth 10 extra points. Students leaving early, texting, etc. will not be eligible for extra points. Attendance is critical to pass the class. Notes from lectures and films will be an aid to your success on tests. Any information about changes in readings, test schedules, essay topics, guidelines will be discussed in class and are your responsibility. University sponsored events that will affect attendance should be brought to the instructor’s
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acmd fall2011 16014%2c16015%2c wrd syll - UNIVERSITY OF...

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