Ch 2 study guide sp11 - Natural philosophy/ science...

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Chapter Two study Guide Aegean Crete Minoans Knossos Bull Leaping Fresco King Minos Linear A Mainland Greece /Peloponnesus Linear B Mycenae Heinrich Schliemann Mask of Agamemnon Lion Gate Troy Iliad Odyssey Homer Iron Age Dark Ages/Dorians Archaic Age of Greece polis/poleis (pl.) acropolis oligarchies Sparta (Peloponnesus) Athens tyrants Cleisthenes/ Democracy Persian Wars Important Battles Marathon Thermopylae Salamis Triremes (fig.2.8) Religion- anthropomorphism Olympian deities Zeus Hera Athena Chthonic deities Demeter Dionysus Literature- types how they differ Epic poetry/ Homer’s Iliad/ Achilles /main characters/story Odyssey/Odysseus Lyric poetry? Characteristics? Sappho
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Unformatted text preview: Natural philosophy/ science Materialism/ single substance of natural world? Thales – Idealism /Reason Pythagoras, cosmos and rational order/mathematics Heraclitus- dialectic/ Constant change Black Figure Pottery Exekias? fig. 2.1-p.49-50 Architecture/ Stone Temples Source of inspiration? post-beam-triangle First temple style Doric order fig. 2.11,12,13 pediment triglyphs/ metopes capitals/columns/ fluting beauty harmony and proportion Temple of Hera / Aphaia at Aegina (changes) Archaic Sculpture source of inspiration? Fig. 2.14-2.19 Kouros Kore Frontal/stiff Changes in style?...
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Ch 2 study guide sp11 - Natural philosophy/ science...

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