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Behavior Modification Project Due: See Class Schedule To be typed in outline form (30 points) I. Name II. Long Term Goal III. Statement as to why you selected this goal IV. Summarize what the textbook says about this behavior. If you quote or paraphrase the textbook, use page numbers in parenthesis as a reference. (Please note: If your specific target behavior is not mentioned in the textbook, then select a behavior which is the most related. If necessary, please ask me for additional assistance for your selection.) V. List two articles about your target behavior which you found when researching. (Include title of article, author, publication, and publication date.) Briefly summarize what you learned from these articles. VI. In regards to your Target Behavior/Final Goal, what Stage of Change are you currently in, and
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Unformatted text preview: why? If you are in the Precontemplation, Contemplation, or Preparation stage, what will it take for you to progress up one stage from where you are? Or, if you are in the Action stage, what will it take for you to stay in this stage? VII. Short- and long-term benefits and costs of continuing old behavior VIII. Short- and long-term benefits and costs of adopting new behavior IX. Mini Goals and Rewards Mini-goal 1 Date Reward Mini-goal 2 Date Reward Mini-goal 3 Date Reward Mini-goal 4 Date Reward Mini-goal 5 Date Reward X. Advice you would offer someone who wants to implement this same Target Behavior/ Final Goal...
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