Chapters 9%2c10%2c14%2c18 Study Guide

Chapters 9%2c10%2c14%2c18 Study Guide - 17. What drug is...

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Chapters 9, 10, 14,18 Study Guide Chapter 9 and 10 Review 1. Name one carcinogenic substance in tobacco smoke that damages the lungs. 2. Which substance is associated with oxygen deprivation to the heart? 3. How many ounces of alcohol equal one drink? 4. What percent of all cancer deaths does smoking play a part? 5. What percent of lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking? 6. On average, how many attempts does it take someone to quit smoking? 7. What has been found to increase the chances of a smoker permanently quitting? 8. Define environmental tobacco smoke. 9. Smoking during pregnancy is associated with what risks? 10. List 5 effects of alcohol (on the body). 11. Define and give one example of tolerance. 12. Alcohol is related to which types of cancer? 13. Define and give one example of intoxication.
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14. Define and give an example of a psychoactive drug. 15. Which substance is most likely to be associated with violence? 16. What percentage of American adults drink occasionally?
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Unformatted text preview: 17. What drug is the most commonly used among people 12 and older? 18. How does the federal government spend the majority of funds toward the war on drugs? 19. What is the most popular psychoactive drug? 20. How does education affect drug abuse? 21. List the effects of marijuana. Chapter 14 Review 1. Leading cause of unintentional injury death for Americans of all ages. 2. What is hazing? 3. What age group is most likely to be involved in distraction-related crashes? Chapter 18 Review 1. Most common method of HIV transmission 2. How to use condoms correctly 3. Which STI is linked to cervical cancer? 4. Which STI’s are curable with current therapies? 5. Where can HIV survive? 6. Worldwide, most common route of HIV infection is___________ 7. Most reported bacterial STI 8. Pelvic inflammatory disease- complications of which STI’s 9. Trichomonas vaginalis 10. Chlamydia- does it have symptoms?...
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Chapters 9%2c10%2c14%2c18 Study Guide - 17. What drug is...

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