Exam #1 Study Guide - of college students have considered...

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Exam #1 Study Guide Chapters 1-5 Primary goal of wellness Social determinant of health Ecological view of health/wellness Transtheoretical change model/Stages of Change- each stage Self efficacy Healthy People 2010- 2 major goals SMART goals 5 basic criteria to describe culture- health prospective Family health tree Mutation Human Genome Project Mental disorders and genetic components Characteristics of mental health Emotional intelligence- optimism, resilience, self-efficacy Depression Brain fully developed at age_______________
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Unformatted text preview: _____________% of college students have considered suicide Stress response General Adaptation Syndrome Personality types Ways of coping with stress Spirituality Happiness Service learning Hospice Symptoms of grief Circadian rhythm for young people Phases of sleep- what happens during sleep? Effects of sleep deprivation Caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine- effects on sleep 2 main cycles of sleep- what happens in each phase Hormone that promotes sleep...
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Exam #1 Study Guide - of college students have considered...

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