Exam 2 Sp10 Study Guide - • Weight loss plans to avoid...

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Review- Chapters 6, 7, 8 Types of fats most hazardous to your health Define vitamins Define minerals The newest version of Food Guide Pyramid encourages something that the old version did not- what does it encourage—besides healthy eating Risks involved with consuming energy drinks Risks of transmitting food borne illnesses Macronutrients- list all 4 and know what each does Percent of daily caloric intake from fat Purpose of proteins AMDR for proteins, fats, carbohydrates Twin studies/genetics and obesity Weight and different phases of life Greatest influences on growth of weight problem in America Healthy weight loss is ________ pounds each week
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Unformatted text preview: • Weight loss plans to avoid • Size acceptance movement • What’s most important in achieving a healthy body weight • Define BMI • Define obesity/BMI • Define overweight/BMI Review – Chapters 12, and 13 • Leading cause of death in US. • Symptoms of heart attack. • Symptoms of stroke. • BP- average reading • Gender and heart attacks • Controllable risk factors for CVD • Atherosclerosis • Risks for Cancer o Age o Tobacco o Infections • Leading cause of cancer death- men • Risk factors for breast cancer • Tanning beds- recommendations • ABCDE test for moles...
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Exam 2 Sp10 Study Guide - • Weight loss plans to avoid...

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