Final Exam Reveiw 2011 - Healthy Life Skills Comprehensive...

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Healthy Life Skills Comprehensive Final Review Chapter 1 What is the primary goal of wellness? What are social determinants of health? An ecological view of health and wellness is being aware of hereditary risks and avoiding unhealthy environments and behaviors. What is an aspect of your personal health that is most within your control? Know the stages of change in the Transtheoritical Model and what happens in each stage. ______-_________ is an internal state in which person feels competent to perform a specific task. They may say to themselves ” I can do it”. What are the two major goals of Healthy People 2010? Know what SMART goals are and be able to provide an example. People who are overweight at age ___ are likely to die sooner than people who are not overweight. Chapter 2 What is the purpose of creating a family tree? Know treatments for genetic disorders. Chapter 3 What age is your brain fully developed? Know characteristics of emotional intelligence. Which of these is most strongly associated with mental health? Isolation, Optimism, Intelligence, or Self- employment Being able to bounce back from adverse events is known as ___________. Know the symptoms of depression. _________ ___________ is one of the most important ingredients in a mentally healthy life. Know the warning signs that a person may be thinking about suicide. The stress response is a series of _________ _________ that occur in the face of a threat. What are the effects of long-term exposure to stress on the cardiovascular system?
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Know the difference between Type A, Type B, and Hardy personalities. Chapter 4 Connections to __________ and ____________ have the greatest impact on happiness. Kim is a nurse, dedicated to her job. On weekends, Kim volunteers at a health clinic to care for the
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Final Exam Reveiw 2011 - Healthy Life Skills Comprehensive...

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