Food and Nutrition Scavenger Hunt

Food and Nutrition Scavenger Hunt - Name:_...

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Name: ____________________________________ Food and Nutrition Scavenger Hunt Lab Assignment 1. Find 2 cereals and 2 breads that are  excellent sources  or fiber.  Give the serving size and  grams of fiber per serving for each. ____________________________________ _______grams ____________________________________ _______grams ____________________________________ _______grams ____________________________________ _______grams 2. Find 2 brands of margarine or spread that would be a “healthier” alternative to regular margarine.  (Hint: Think heart healthy fat and look for health claims on the label) Brand: ________________________________ Serving Size: __________ Total Fat: ________   Saturated Fat: ________   Unsaturated Fat: ________ Brand: ________________________________ Serving Size: __________ Total Fat: ________   Saturated Fat: ________   Unsaturated Fat: ________ 3. Compare the following different types of dairy.  List  serving size  and grams of  protein  and  fat  for  each. Cheddar Cheese:_______________________ 2% Cheddar Cheese:___________________ Regular Cream Cheese: _____________________  Less Fat  CC:_________________________ Fat-Free Cream Cheese:______________________
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Whole Milk: ____________________________ Skim Milk:  ____________________________ 4. Find a corn or potato chip that is also available in a baked version.  Compare kcals, total fat, and 
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Food and Nutrition Scavenger Hunt - Name:_...

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