bio chapter 1 notes

bio chapter 1 notes - Chapter 1 Introduction to Biology...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1 - Introduction to Biology Biology is the scientific study of living things How do you define “living things” • Energy processing • Growth and development • Reproduction • Order • Regulation • Response to the environment • Evolutionary adaptation How do we organize the diversity of life? • 1.8 million described species • At least 1 million species of insects • Estimated that there are actually between 10 and 100 million species • Taxonomy is the branch of biology that names and classifies species according to a system of broader and broader groups Domain Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genius Species Theme 1: Cells are an organism’s basic units of structure and function • The cell is the lowest level of organization that can perform all activities required for life Theme 2: Structure and function are correlated at all levels of biological organization • How a device works is correlated with its structure - form fits function. • Analyzing a biological structure gives us clues about what it does and how it works. • Alternatively, knowing the function of a structure provides insight into its construction....
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bio chapter 1 notes - Chapter 1 Introduction to Biology...

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