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University of Florida Chemistry Outreach Program Adhesion Lab Estimated Time: 35 mins. + 15 mins. clean-up Topics: Adhesion properties, Making a “sticky” paste, SC.H.1.3 Introduction: What is it that makes a substance sticky? Adhesion is a quality that has intrigued scientists for decades. Although chemists will explain bonding between atoms with intermolecular forces (IMFs), acid/base relationships, and charge density differences, adhesion can also exist through mechanical relationships (such as Velcro® devices) and physical forces (such as electrostatics). The study of adhesives can be brought down to a basic level using everyday household items and small quantities of water. Objective: This lab will teach students that different substances will exhibit differing adhesive properties when combined with small quantities of water. This is due to the unique chemical properties of each substance, and students will employ elementary scientific methods to “empirically” determine which among a set of household items will work as the ‘best’ adhesive. Students will also learn how to make solutions based on qualitative descriptions. Materials: -Salt -3x5 index cards -Sugar -Trays -Cornstarch -Stopwatches -Flour -Cups -Water -Popsicle sticks -Assortment of small dice or plastic cubes (different colors work best)
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adhesion_lab - University of Florida Chemistry Outreach...

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