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University of Florida Chemistry Outreach Program Mirror, Mirror Estimated Time: 15 mins. + 15 mins. clean-up Topics: Reflection Introduction: All images on mirrors are seen in reverse. A mirror gives a reflection, so your right side appears to be on the left and the left side is seemingly on the right. Objective: The purpose of this experiment is to explore the reflections provided by mirrors and gain an understanding as to why the brain perceives reflected images to be “backwards.” Materials: - Construction Paper -Handheld mirrors -Markers Safety: - Sharps/glass hazard if mirrors are dropped. Carefully supervise younger children. Dispose broken glass in proper containers—not in regular waste receptacles. Procedure: 1. Draw a big sideways letter S or a picture on a piece of paper meant to be seen correctly when viewed in a mirror. 2. Write your name with backwards letters. 3. Using different color pens retrace your designs.
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