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University of Florida Chemistry Outreach Program Mold Madness Estimated Time: 10 mins./ 3-6 days Topics: Fungi Introduction: Mold is not a kind of plant or animal; mold is a fungus. Mold is made up of millions of spores, or tiny microscopic seeds, all growing together in a colony. Mold comes in a variety of furry, bright-colored blobs- everything from red to bright purple, depending on the type. The fuzzy-looking spores weigh so little; tiny air currents can carry them through the air. When they land someplace where the conditions are just right, they grow into new fungi. Can you grow your own fungi garden? Objective: This lab is designed to observe the growth of fungus and the properties of mold. Materials: - A sealable sandwich bag -A piece of bread -A paper towel -A little soil from outdoors or a potted plant Safety: - Remind students there is NO eating or drinking in the lab. - WARNING : THROW AWAY BAGS WITHOUT OPENING THEM WHEN FINISHED . Breathing too much mold can make you sick. In dirt, mold is very spread out.
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