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University of Florida Chemistry Outreach Program Oobleck Estimated Time: 25 mins. + 15 mins. clean-up Topics: Scientific Observation and States of Matter Introduction: The term “Oobleck” is derived from the book Bartholomew and the Oobleck, by Dr. Seuss. What is “Oobleck”? A solid, a liquid, or does it have gas qualities? If “Oobleck” is made up of three liquids, what do you expect the state of “Oobleck” to be? Objective: As students participate in this activity, they will develop important skills in scientific observation. Materials: -Borax solution [15 ml Borax dissolved in 250ml of warm water] (clear solution) -Elmer’s glue mixture [30 ml of glue mixed with 30ml of water] (white solution) -Zipper-lock bag -Styrofoam bowls -Green food coloring (green solution) -100ml Graduated Cylinder Safety: - Keep away from small children and pets -Do not eat or taste Procedure: 1. Mix the Borax and the water in one bowl, making sure that the Borax dissolves completely. 2.
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