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__________________________________ Name 1 CHM 3218 / CHM 5305 Summer 2011 Practice Examination #3 University of Florida Honor Code Statement: "On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment." __________________________________ Student signature Instructions : You would have two hours to complete this part of the exam. All books, notes and other aids would be prohibited, but molecular models and calculators would be allowed (no sharing, however). Be sure to budget your time and answer questions briefly but completely. To receive partial credit for incorrect answers, show your work, particularly in problems involving calculations. Write your name on each page. 1. The pathway of glycolysis is shown below, along with one of the possible fates of pyruvate. ( Total 51 points ).
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__________________________________ Name 2 a. Where a box appears above an arrow, predict the cofactor (if any) most likely to be involved in the reaction and write the name or abbreviation in the space provided. Write “None” if no cofactor is required. Names and complete structures of all the cofactors discussed in this course can be found on the last page of this exam. ( 3 points each ). b. Why does the conversion of pyruvate to ethanol allow glycolysis to proceed in the absence of oxygen? ( 3 points ). c. Would you expect that the equilibrium for the reaction glucose + ATP glucose-6- phosphate + ADP would strongly favor reactants, strongly favor products, or strongly favor neither? Briefly explain your answer. ( 4 points ). d. Use curved arrows to show the chemical mechanism for the enzyme-catalyzed conversion of glucose-6-phosphate to fructose-6-phosphate. You may use acid-base catalysis as necessary.
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practice_exam_3 - _ Name CHM 3218 / CHM 5305 Summer 2011...

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