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justice outline - Introduction What Justice is not? -...

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Introduction What Justice is not? - Discussion in the beginning - Book 1 - Three different views of justice o Cephalus argues for a certain understanding of justice: speaking the truth and paying your debts o Justice is giving to each what is owed and giving back to friends o Justice is the advantage of the stronger. (Strongest argument against Socrates/ Plato - Incorrect according to Plato Cephalus Polemarchus Thrasymachus What is justice in the city (explain perfect city)? - Formation of the city - the famous noble lie (414 B): just after Plato has divided his city into three classes (guardians-rulers, auxiliaries, working class) o Myth of the metals we’re all born with metals inside of us o Everybody comes from earth - Three different sections - four virtues wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice. - Plato further argues that each of these virtues is found in different classes. o Wisdom is found in guardians. Found in the knowledge of the guardians, they are the smallest class. They seek the good of the whole. Socrates embodies this class. o Courage is the virtue of the auxiliaries. Courage consists of preserving the opinions produced by the law of what is terrible. Courage essentially means recognizing what is terrible and helping to maintain that evaluation. The figure that embodies this Glowcon, who is brave in all things. o Moderation is the agreement of all three classes over who should rule. It is further defined as harmony and mastery over certain passions and desires. Mastery of our passions. Atimantis represents this. o Justice: the fourth virtue of the city. Defined at 434 C as the minding of one’s own businesses. What is the significance of this definition? Socrates is suggesting: more about cultivating yourself in a certain way. Cultivating your nature. Doing what your nature dictates. - Justice is, as Socrates says, the having and doing of ones own. o
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justice outline - Introduction What Justice is not? -...

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