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Aristotle Outline - Aristotle Outline Aristotle had very...

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Aristotle Outline Aristotle had very specific views on the subject of education. - How education educates to what is highest in the soul o Perhaps what he believes the soul is comprised of Irrational: o Vegetative part, genetic component of human beings. Causes growth is shared by all living creatures o Impeditive part. Spirited part. Partially immune to control. Rational: Practical and theoretical part. Form of reason that is intellectual and a form of reason that is practical. Practical is what makes ethics possible. Scientist has theoretical reasoning. - How children should be educated o “ […] the young need to be educated to the regime, since the character proper to each regime is what customarily preserves it and establishes it to begin with.” Page 153 line 1337a11 o Early in childhood Believes that early child development means a great deal. “ […] to this extent praise might be due to the Spartans, for they devote the most serious attention to their children and do so in common.” Page 153 line 1337a27 o How are we to cultivate good habits in children? o “ […] taking care of this education must be a common matter. It must not be private in the way it is now, when everyone takes care of their own children privately and teaches them whatever private learning they think best.” Page 153 line 1337a21 Through censorship of stories, unseemly stories should be censured. So children are not exposed to them, because whatever we encounter first we like better. So these unseemly stories we will
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Aristotle Outline - Aristotle Outline Aristotle had very...

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