Plato- Crito and Phaedo

Plato- Crito and Phaedo - Plato Trial serves us a central...

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Plato: Trial serves us a central event for Plato’s thinking of Politics. The reminding works will attempt to vindicate Socrates; puts Athens on trial. Themes of law and justice and virtue. Different perspective of these themes from the apology. Socrates: obey the law- stop practicing philosophy? Or will he follow the sense of justice, which he believes his sense of philosophy dictates? Key issue for Plato’s writings: Justice. Crito: Confrontation with law and justice. The relationship of the individual to the state. What is our relationship to the community? Key theme to the ancients and the modern people. What rights, duties, and responsibilities do the individuals have to the community? -Dialogue opens and Socrates is asleep, has been awoken by Crito. Crito is agitated and is concerned for Socrates’’ fate. Concerned that he will be executed, concerned with the opinions of the people of Athens’ on his execution. Argues that it is not right for him to give up and allow himself to be sacrificed. Not fair to his sons, not virtuous to leave his sons without a father. Also thinks it is shameful for a philosopher to be killed by a bunch of charlatans. Makes a mockery out of the philosophical life, and the philosopher should not tolerate it. How will other citizens conceive Crito himself? Socrates is sleeping: means he is at peace with his decision and fate. He has come to terms with it. He also doesn’t seem too concerned about other people’s opinions. Not concerned with being thought shameful and cowardly nor being a bad father. Argues with Crito. They have a conversation about what Socrates stance should be. “We shouldn’t care about what everyone thinks, we should only care about what
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Plato- Crito and Phaedo - Plato Trial serves us a central...

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