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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1 Chapter Selling & Sales Careers Using Selling Skills in Acquiring a Job Identify potential employers. Analyze employer’s needs. Demonstrate your ability to satisfy their needs. Ask and answer questions during interviews. Possibly negotiate over starting salary. Request commitment (a job) from the employer. What is marketing? The process of planning & executing the The conception, pricing, promotion & distribution of ideas, goods & services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives and Where does selling fit in? M a r k e tin g P ro d u c t P r ic e P la c e P r o m o tio n A d v e r tis in g S a le s P r o m o P u b lic ity /P R D ir e c t M k tg P e r s S e llin g What is selling? An interpersonal communication process An during which a seller uncovers and satisfies the needs of a buyer to the mutual, long-term benefit of both parties. parties. ______________________________ Selling is more than making a sale and Selling getting an order getting How does it compare to other promotional vehicles? Critical link between Critical customers and the firm firm Rich source of market Rich information information Most flexible Most expensive What are some advantages of a sales job? Compensation potential Challenge Responsibility Flexibility in work activities Rewards from making a Rewards tough sale tough Learning the business from Learning the bottom up the Opportunity for senior Opportunity management positions management What are some disadvantages of a sales job? Limited supervision Potential conflict between Potential customer and company demands demands Depression from lost sales Discomfort from asking Discomfort customers to buy customers What do salespeople do? Exhibit 1.4 Waiting/ t rave l 17.4% Se rvice calls 12.7% Administrative t asks 16.0% Se lling f ace -toface 28.8% Se lling o ve r the phone 25.1% What are the characteristics of successful salespeople? Self starters Use time efficiently Enthusiasm Dependable and trustworthy Ethical Have product knowledge Good communicator Adapt to their customer Have emotional intelligence 1 What do buyers expect of salespeople? Honest Understand Understand business/economic trends business/economic Guidance Solutions oriented Pleasant and professional 1- Characteristics of sales careers Job security Opportunity to advance Feedback Prestige Job variety Independence Compensation Boundary-role effects 1- Types of sales positions Business-to-business (B-B) Industrial salesperson Trade salesperson Missionary salesperson Business-to-consumer (B-C) Direct salesperson Trade salesperson Retail salesperson 1- Your sales career Understand yourself Structure, motivation, stress, interest Skills, knowledge, traits Understand the company What it has to offer What it needs Industry trends 1- Information on sales careers 1- ...
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