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MAR 3391 Exam 2 Study Sheet Assigned Readings from How to Become a Rainmaker What is prospecting and why is it important? The process from lead to partner What makes a good prospect? (5 key characteristics) Where do leads come from? Which methods are most effective? How does one plan for a sales call? Types of information sought and possible sources Setting good objectives Keys to setting appointments Methods of approach How to develop rapport and the importance of doing so Identifying needs The import
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Unformatted text preview: ance of Question design (open and closed) Impact on rest of the sales presentation Features vs. benefits Characteristics of a strong sales presentation Methods for overcoming objections What should be done after EVERY objection? Obtaining commitment Wh en/what to look for to gage buyers readiness How Closing methods What is said when using each one What social styles each may be appropriate for Which are most/least effective What to do after a sale What to do after no sale...
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