Exam 2 study guide-1 - What is a brand and how did the...

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MAR 4711 Exam 2 Study Guide This is not a comprehensive list of every small detail to be covered on the exam. It is only a general guide to use while studying. Good luck! Exam will cover text chapters 12 & 19 (out of the orange text) as well as Elu s iv e Fan chapters 4, 5 & 7. What is an endorsement? Benefits of using endorsements as a promotional tool How are endorsements used? The importance of matching the endorser to the product/service/cause. Characteristics of an effective endorser Selecting an endorser: the process Risks associated with using endorsers The communication process Basics of the AIDA model What is an “integrated marketing communications” plan? Various promotional tools and how they’re applied in sports: Advertising Personal selling Sales promotion Public relations vs. publicity Sponsorship What is brand equity Branding problems today 3 positions teams can find themselves in Causes of poor fan attraction & possible remedies
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Unformatted text preview: What is a brand and how did the concept get started? Advantages of a strong brand Branding in sports Segmentation, involvement stages, ethos, the transformation process (4 choices) What drives a brand’s transformation? Leadership, crisis, cultural trends, the market, media What can be transformed in sports? Generating a concept for a brand: 5 steps Starts with assessing the need Inventorying brand assets Defining the target segments Determine scale of transformation Building out the vision of the brand Describe each of the different fan-centered strategies. Accessibility Interactivity Responsiveness The three major sports communicators: sports brand participants, media, and sponsors. What are five goals of dramatic reality? What are the six components of a brands story? The different strategies for communicating dramatic reality. Implications of each strategy...
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Exam 2 study guide-1 - What is a brand and how did the...

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