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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4-Network TV, Syndication, and Radio Syndication, Nicole Howatt Network TV Network What is the main difference with respect to marketing? What drives network TV? What is the key to entering this market? Local TV Local The 3 relationships – Owned and operated – Affiliates – Independents What’s On? What’s News Local cut­ins Documentaries Sports College football Amateur The Basics of TV Ratings The Nielsen families How does it work? Key Terms Key – Sweeps – DMA – Metro Area – HUT – Household Rating Key Demographics Key Advertisers wants bang for buck Network TV focus: – Adults, both genders, 18­24 – Adults, both genders, 25­49 – Cable is different – Time slots principal day parts Early morning, daytime, early fringe, early news, access, prime, late news, late fringe, prime time Sundays Promotion and Marketing Promotion The need to build the brand­”Must­ See TV”, “Come Home to CBS” Self Marketing Vertical, horizontal, and standard cross plugs Promotions and Marketing Promotions Intra­Industry Marketing Relationship Marketing and Halo Effect The clones The Fall launch Just like the movies Syndication Syndication Where produced? Off net, first run, syndicated product in action Stripping Selling and licensing Cash deals No Commercials No PBS – State, university, school, community ­Marketing strategies Value, Branding, pop­ ups, expand viewer ship TV Technology HDTV MSN TV Radio-The Very Basics Radio-The Marketing Manager (to increase TSL to promote advertising time) – Establish a position – Event driven opportunities – Community events, call in contests, publicity, WOM, on site broadcasts at events, cross promotion, recycling strategy – CUME, AQH Audio Diversity Audio Challenge is niche Identifying Target Niches Identifying Know the audience Listen and analyze Great Data Partner up Changing Technology Internet Radio, Airwaves to IWaves TV radio Satellite Radio ...
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