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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7-Musical Ride Chapter Nicole Howatt Musical Roots Musical To What? From What? Quick Snapshot of Music Development Development Aspiring singer/songwriter writes few hot songs for a hot genre They form a band or work solo and build a loyal fan base at music clubs and festivals They hire a manager/producer An A&R professional hears the demo, likes it, makes a recommendation to produce a CD, and puts the act in front of music label executive with decision making authority Senior exec agrees to move forward and commits to a budget to move the act forward Label hires or uses staff engineers, back ups, studios, artists, songwriters, and in house producer to polish the work A CD is mastered and a major marketing push developed A music video is made, a publicist arranges talk shows, a tour manager books concerts, magazine covers are planned, national radio air play is organized, and the video is aired on MTV or VH1 Shipments go to wholesaler, major music retailers are sent details on marketing push, signage is put in stores, and media and publicity campaign in implemented Money Changes Everything Money Retail sales of CD’s etc. Ticket sales Royalties and fees from performance of recordings on radio, TV, movies, and commercial venues such as restaurants and nightclubs Fees of re­recorded music and play by Muzak and other background companies, reproduction in music boxes and toys Retail sales income and royalties for sheet music Sales of t­shirts, jackets, tour books, and other promotional merchandise How do I tap that income? How Traditional Approach Sign a contact with a major record company who takes care of marketing and promotions Align the act with an established music publisher who takes acre of administrative and promotional matters of songwriting With music publisher, affiliate with performing rights organization (ASAP and BMI) who track radio and TV airplay and handle your royalties Hook up with a large talent and booking agency who handles business of touring and live performance Hire independent publicity firm (some already done by record label but the “indie” adds fuel with more magazine and newspaper coverage) People Involved People MARKETING SALES PROMOTION PUBLICITY ADVERTISING CREATIVE SERVICES ARTIST A & R MKTG/SALES PRESS KITS/ PROMO MATERIAL MASS MEDIA PRESS COVERAGE RECORDING PRODUCT PACKAGING FINISHED MASTER RECORDING PRESSING/ DUPLICATION PROMO ITEMS/ STORE DISPLAYS PACKAGED CDs/TAPES CDs/TAPES PROMO MATERIAL DISTRIBUTOR RETAIL STORES CONSUMER CDs/TAPES The Alternative Route-Do it Yourself or Guerilla Marketing or Record the CD in small studio Order mass duplication and storage of CD’s Form small publishing company and deal directly with performing rights agencies Use Internet to promote CD and act Sell CD via Internet, direct mail, and toll free numbers Convince smaller record stores to stock CD Personally book live club dates Make personal contact with area media to publicize act Build the Product and They Will Come? Will Differentiating the product from competitors – Categorized for marketing purposes – Target audience must be large enough to justify cost – Product must have selling points that can be articulated – Must be differentiated from competition The Rapper The Packaging – – – – – Physical requirements Information requirements Attractive, quality design Persuasive design Cost Pricing Pricing Recording costs Studio time Musicians Producer Engineer Tape Mastering Packaging Promotional costs Promotions Promotions Print media – Daily news Magazines general interest, lifestyle, entertainment, music and pop culture, genre based, promotional, hobbyists and professionals, record collectors, trade pubs, fanzines Web based publications – – – – – – Talk radio with music guests All news radio Commercial music radio Variety programming National public radio College radio – Network late night, morning news with musical guests, prime time news with music topics, showbiz news, cable music programming – – – Radio TV Internet C for Content for Protection ASCAP BMI IMJV The Gatekeepers The 1. Radio I want airtime! The “indies” Payola Bogus request scams The Gatekeepers The 1. Touring­ How on earth do I afford it? The MegaTour 1. Retail 1. TV VH1 and Viacom Back to that teen market C for Conduit for For every 100, 20 are gold or platinum Independents Private labels Music to the Masses Music Movin’ merchandise ­ What’s Walmart got to do with it? Like a virgin Music by mail Trends Trends New Niches – Latin craze – Black urban music – Opera goes pop – The church phenomenon – Repackaging Trends Trends Soundtracks Techno trends Piracy Also…. Also…. Global Music Market ...
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