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MAR 4715 Chapter 9 and 10 stu - Travel and Tourism Chapter...

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Unformatted text preview: Travel and Tourism Chapter 9 Nicole Howatt Challenges Issues Match experience with expectation – Must entice and deliver – Positioning/Image Desire to Travel Why do people travel? – Wish to visit someplace exotic or different – Stimulation and gathering of knowledge – Pursuit of hobby The business of providing Identify a Target Segment & Research, Research, Research!! Travel Research – Amer. Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) – Journal of Travel Research – Fam. Trip Internal Research – Exit surveys “Must haves” Focus, Identity, Personality Attributes? – Extensive and varied lodging – Variety of dining choices Advertising The travel agent – Free service and WAS only connection Relationship Marketing – Reward programs – Branding beds Agencies Alternative Destinations Cruises All Inclusive Time Shares Theme Parks Chapter 10 Chapter Nicole Howatt Location-Based Entertainment and Experiential Location-Based Branding Branding Location Based Entertainment L ocation Out of home and message to medium – – – FEC’s? Edu­tainment What went wrong? Retail mall model – – – UEC Casinos Entertainment retail – CEC’s LBE L BE Experiential Branding Experiential What is branding? Give us something different! Bringing the brand to life Experiential Branding Offers Experiential Atmosphere to see, feel, touch, Experience that locks in memories with brand Image to investors demonstrating commitment Platform for introductions Employee pride For Success For Must drive repeat visitors Must be refreshed Organized efficiently Staff must be part of brand Must offer value Things to Think About T hings ...
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