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Exam Review 2 Chapter 7-Music Why are sales down? Sources of revenue in the music industry Traditional vs. do it yourself approach People involved Differentiating the product from competitors, categorized, target audience, selling points, Pricing and promotions ASCAP, BMI, IMJV, RIAA The Gatekeepers Gold vs. Platinum sales Music to the masses and why retailers had to change Trends-Latin, techno, global music Madonna case Chapter 4- Network TV, Syndication, and Radio Main difference with network TV and what drives it Key to entrance 3 relationships with Local TV News and sports The basics of TV ratings Key terms (Sweeps, DMA, Metro Area, HUT, Household Rating) Key demographics Vertical and horizontal cross plugs Syndication, stripping PBS The basics of radio (promotions)
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Unformatted text preview: Arbitron handout Lost case Chapter 5-Cable TV Premium cable and pay per view Niches or specific segments Cable carriage 3 pronged approach Chapter 6-Publishing, Books, Magazines, and Games Publishing: Common features of all 3 industry products (PPB) Book types, distribution-trade vs. mass market The Marketing of books, new approaches, and growing trends Newspapers concentration, above fold, online updates Top 3 Daily newspapers Magazines, the industry leader and revenue streams, advertorials Games: The target market, cross marketing, hurdles, and new channels Speakers: Steve Rifkin, CW18 Charlie Greco-the Circus Jim Messina (representing Wright) Shannon Fraser, Clear Channel Radio...
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Exam_Review_2_2011 - Arbitron handout Lost case Chapter...

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