Exam 1 Review - “High concept” and what is star power...

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Exam 1 Review-Entertainment Marketing 50 Multiple Choice questions * Test material will be taken from: class notes, class discussions, any in-class/out of class exercises, videos, guests, and the book * Focus your attention on the below topics Chapter 1-Intro The media explosion period The difference between entertainment marketing and other form of marketing The 4 C’s and details Chapter 2-People, Power, Players What does it take? The 3 P’s Large, small, and no decisions, the research The team of possibilities The movers and shakers social and financial capital Memorable moguls Chapter 3-Movies Screen showings Things to be considered in promotions of movies (Golden Eye or Four Weddings and a Funeral were used as an example to explain) Box office, the revenues, and the target segments, film release Top 3 theater chains
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Unformatted text preview: “High concept” and what is star power Producer roles, distributor, etc Wannasee-consumer research, focus groups, test screenings, sneak previews Trailers, newspapers Tie ins Independent films Chapter 9-Travel and Tourism Challenges Desires to travel The attributes Relationship Marketing All inclusive, time shares, Las Vegas (comping and gold cards) Chapter 10-Location Based FEC’s, CEC’s, UEC’s, how local mall has changed Location based entertainment-examples, what it is Experiential branding –examples, what is it, what it offers, and keys to success In-class: The Monster that Ate Hollywood Blairwitch video Talent Agent Video Video series on “Cool Searching” Guest speakers Kim Hall, Seaworld Jennifer Pennypacker, Film Orlando Articles...
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Exam 1 Review - “High concept” and what is star power...

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