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Entertainment Marketing Project Guidelines - Entertainment...

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Paper-100 points Presentation-50 points Quality of Individual and Peer evaluations-10 points (5 points each) * This paper must include in-depth primary and secondary research. * Just because you “cover” each item listed does not mean you will earn a perfect score. It is also the quality with which you cover each item and the support/analysis you undertake. In addition, there are issues/questions which might apply to your industry that aren’t listed. Through your research you should uncover those issues and figure out the answers. * 2 copies of the paper must be submitted Executive Summary/Introduction: 5 points *This section should summarize the entire paper and should be approximately 1-2 pages Be sure to include: Entertainment Idea Why you choose this idea? Does it add value to the industry? Did the research show a need/want/demand? Research Deliverables: 30 points total *Research must be completed before you can continue with the main sections. Start with researching the industry as a whole and you will start to find information pertinent to your idea. 1. Industry Research Overview- 10 pts Current overview of marketing in the industry Market industry facts Competitive analysis Direct and indirect competition 2. Consumer Research Overview- 10 pts Interview, survey, or focus group results cited throughout paper and summary attached at end One page consumer report on virtual message scans 3. Financial Research Overview- 10 pts Costs to implement idea Realistic budget (in chart or spreadsheet, must research actual costs) Estimated pricing for idea * As in all the other sections, you must use citations to support your figures Main Section Deliverables: 50 points total 1. Based on Research you must decide on a target market/segment : 10 pts To whom will you sell this entertainment? Why? How many people are in your target market? Describe these customers in detail (i.e. Demographic, psychographic). What potential or real competition exists for your product for this target market? You MUST quantify this segment to decide if this will be a viable option. This section must be based on your research and must be decided before you complete the remainder of the project. 2. Product/Service Plan: 5 pts Describe idea in detail (to match your target segment) Specs/launch date The reader should be able to “see” the finished idea (description, picture (photo or drawing, etc.). Licensing, sponsorships:
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Entertainment Marketing Project Guidelines - Entertainment...

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