FinalTeam Evaluation Form

FinalTeam Evaluation Form - assignment. You will be graded...

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TEAM EVALUATIONS-Entertainment Marketing FINAL Paper Your Name: _______________________________________ Your Other Team Members:__________________________________________________ Your telephone number and email: ___________________________ This evaluation is meant to include all aspects of team participation (paper and presentation). Please list each team member’s name (including yourself) and then split 100 points between your team members (again, including yourself) to indicate each person’s contribution to team performance in each of the cases. Name Project Allocation Grade 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total 100 pts. As an attachment to this particular sheet , you MUST explain the ratings that you have assigned for each team member including yourself . You must type answers. Please include everything that you were responsible for and what you feel the other team members contributed (as you view it). Also include why you allocated the grade that you did. Detail is crucial for this
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Unformatted text preview: assignment. You will be graded for your insightfulness and thoroughness of this explanation. You also need to include (for every student) mention of work ethic, attitude, meeting attendance, etc. This must be submitted in a sealed envelope with your name on the front. Your evaluations are confidential and will not be shown to anyone. These forms will be used to determine whether any downward adjustment in grades is necessary for any team members. No upward adjustments of grades are possible . Please remember that I adjust individual grades as I deem necessary (based on peer evaluations, individual job descriptions, and my own observations). This is completely at my discretion and the grade I allocate is not negotiable!...
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FinalTeam Evaluation Form - assignment. You will be graded...

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