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Extra Credit-Entertainment Marketing 5 points “The Partnerships Between Products We Purchase and Entertainment We Choose to Experience” Step 1- Choose an existing product that has partnered with entertainment to sell the product. You cannot use an example shown in class. Turn in this product with your assignment. Please do not spend a lot of money on it, it will not be returned. It can be an empty package of something that you have already consumed. Questions: Do you feel as though this is a good partnership? Why or why not. Discuss. Where was it sold and was it effectively placed (specific retail store and shelf spacing) for the intended target segment to find? Discuss. OR Step 2 -Scenario: You are a marketer and have been assigned to market (promote) a
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Unformatted text preview: specific product OR you are a marketer with an Entertainment Company. As part of your promotional strategy, you have decided to form a partnership between a product and a specific area of entertainment (film, music, magazines, TV, radio, magazines, fashion, theme parks, games, etc.). Questions: Provide a recommendation of a great partnership (do not use snack food or animation). Explain why you choose what you did. What are the processes you need to go through to obtain this partnership (How does this idea work)? Discuss. * Tip…. you can use your own team project as ideas. In turn, you can also use these same ideas in your team paper. This will assist in preparation....
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