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THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics ASE370L Flight Control Systems Spring 2008 SYLLABUS Unique Number: 13390 Instructor: Dr. Robert H. Bishop Office : WRW318B, Phone : 471-8176, email : Time: T-Th 12:30:00pm – 2:00pm Location: WAG201 Teaching Assistants: Kelley Hutchins, WRW318A, Drew Jones, WRW412A, Office hours: To be arranged at start of semester Web Page: Blackboard Catalog Description: Fundamentals of linear control analysis and design for single-input, single-output systems; stability and performance measures; Routh Hurwitz analysis; root locus methods; frequency response (Bode and Nyquist); introduction to full-state feedback. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Course Objectives: The main objective is to introduce the student to the fundamentals of systems theory with emphasis on control system design and analysis. Classical control theory in the frequency domain and modern control theory in the state-space are effectively mixed to provide the student with a modern view of systems theory. The primary role of control systems in high-performance aerospace applications is emphasized. Prerequisite : Credit with a grade of at least C or registration for Aerospace Engineering 367K. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Students Should Have Before Entering This Course: Students should have a working knowledge of ordinary differential equations and solution methods, and should have significant experience developing mathematical models of simple electro-mechanical systems (such as mass-spring-damper systems) starting from basic principles (Newton’s laws, conservation of momentum, etc.). Students should have been introduced to frequency response methods (including an understanding of Bode plots) and should understand the basic properties of linear systems, including convolution and the application of Laplace transforms. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Students Gain From This Course (Learning Outcomes): Students will understand the fundamentals of system theory, including a working knowledge of
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2 classical and modern control system design and analysis for single-input, single-output systems. Students will be able to design and analyze control systems using root locus methods, frequency
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