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Assignment 9: Graphic User Interface (GUI) Week : Class Goals 1. To be able to create a very simple GUI Reading: Chapter 10.1-2 Exercises: none PROGRAM: (10 pts) 1. Create a GUI with a two pushbuttons. One will increment a counter each time it is pushed and the other one will clear the counter. You will be guided through this assignment in section 10.2. Your GUI should look like the one displayed in figure 10.10 and you will add a ‘clear’ button.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Name your GUI your_name_GUI ie SmithLeo_GUI 3. Name your button and text box: your_name_button and your_name_text 4. Change the color of each of your GUI objects (pushbutton & static text box) 5. e-mail your gui files .fig and .m to the TA. Title your e-mail: YourName GUI. The TA will run your GUI and assign your grade. [email protected]
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