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ASE 201 - Assignment due Sept 14 - of packages in each...

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Assignment: IF commands: READING: 3.1-3.4 WRITTEN: Quiz 3.1 #1-6, 13-21; Quiz 3.2 #1-6; Exercises: 3.1, 3.3 PROGRAMMING: 1. Exercise 3.4 Test your code with weight = 1.1, 2.3, 5.6, 75, 105 2. You are writing a control program which is part of a robotic system which is evaluating the results of a process on frozen tissue. The robotic eye reads the color of a thermo-label which indicates the highest temperature the product has experienced during processing. The robotic eye does a color match and prints a label for the package. The temperature is in o C. TEMPERATURE COLOR LABEL T < -20 BLUE FROZEN STORAGE -20 < T < -5 GREEN THAW & USE IMMEDIATLEY -5 < T < 15 YELLOW NON HUMAN USE ONLY T > 15 RED DESTROY Write a program which will read the value of the color. You can use B, G, Y & R. If any other color is input, your program will print ‘UNRECOGNIZED – DESTROY’ Your program will count the number
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Unformatted text preview: of packages in each category and print a label for each sample. a. Test your program with the following data: R B R Y G B B D R Y T Y B R Y G b. Run your program with a data set you have created. The assignment this week does not use arrays or loops. 1. write an m-file that will read one character and and print one label. You will execute this m-file multiple times to get all of the data processed. 2. You will need variables: nred (#red), nblue(#blue)etc. These need to be set to zero before you begin execution. Each time your m-file determines what the label is, it will update the counters ie >>nred=nred+1; 3. Look at the workspace each time you execute your m-file and see how the variables are changing. 4. When you have finished, print out the counters with labels which contain the total number of each type of label that was processed....
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