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ASE 201 - Assignment due Sept 21

ASE 201 - Assignment due Sept 21 - (Advanced Simple While...

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(Advanced) Simple While blocks: Reading: 4.1,2.3, 2.6, 2.8, 2.11 Programming: Use While Loops: 1. Write an m-file which will calculate n! = n(n-1) (n-2) . . . 1 Note: 0!=1. a. Use a while loop. b. The program will keep reading values of n as long as n is non-negative. When a negative value is read, the loop will stop. c. Print n & n! for each value read. d. Run your program with 5 different values of n. 2. #4.18. Use disp() in the loop to create the Table of Values. Include a Title and column headings with units for all tables in this class. 3. Balloon Lift Problem. This assignment coordinates with the first assignment in ASE102. A. Balloon equations: W air = ρ o r 3 π (4/3) e –h/ α W gas = MW/28.8 * W air (h=0) W total = W gas + W balloon + W payload Lifting Force = W air (h) Write a Program which will find the maximum height of a lighter than air balloon. B. Read values for the weight of the balloon, weight of the payload, radius of the balloon, molecular weight of the lifting gas, the scale factor, α , and the increment of height, h.
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