CC 301 - Syllabus - CC 301: Rules, Regulations, and General...

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CC 301: Rules, Regulations, and General Information 1. Scope and themes of the course. This course provides a general introduction to the study of ancient Greece and her art, architecture, religion, literature, history, and monuments. Although the course proceeds chronologically, as an historical overview of ancient Greece from the Bronze Age to Hellenistic times, we shall also consider such topics as law and justice, the role of women and slaves, sexual behavior, religion, and athletics. 2. Required Texts. The following books are required for this class. They are available at the University Co-op. I encourage you to shop for them online, where cheaper used copies may be available. It is recommended, but not required, that you use the translations recommended. T. Martin, Ancient Greece (ISBN 9780300084931) Thucydides, trans. P. Woodruff, On Justice, Power, and Human Nature (ISBN 0872201686) Sophocles, trans. P. Woodruff, Antigone (ISBN 0872205711) Euripides, Medea (ISBN 1580493467) Aeschylus, trans. R. Lattimore, Oresteia (ISBN 0226307786) Aristophanes, trans. J. Henderson, Clouds (ISBN 0941051242) Hesiod, trans. M. L. West, Theogony, Works and Days (ISBN 0192836781) M. L. West, Greek Lyric Poetry (ISBN 0192836781) Plato, Symposium (ISBN 0140449272) Herodotus,
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CC 301 - Syllabus - CC 301: Rules, Regulations, and General...

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